Ellen DeGeneres Fractures Wrist While Dancing

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Los Angeles, CA – Ellen DeGeneres is a woman of many talents. The Louisiana native started off as a stand-up comedian in the early 1980s. By the 90s, she found her way into movies and eventually wound up with two television shows based off of her life. By the time her second show, The Ellen Show, ended in 2002, DeGeneres had made a big enough name that she was given her own talk shown only a year later. The Ellen DeGeneres Show really displays who Ellen is. She’s fun, outgoing, spontaneous, genuine, and most of all, she’s a really great dancer.

Ellen has been joking her way into our hearts for over three decades now and she’s been dancing her way into our hearts for around 13 years now. The Emmy Award Winner dances at the end of every episode of her show and has even gotten the most boring of celebrities to bust a move on her set. After 13 years of dancing all over her stage at Warner Bro’s lot, Ellen has suffered a terrible accident from dancing, resulting in an injury that could take her out of the spotlight for a while.

During her taping yesterday, Ellen was getting into the groove during a segment in the middle of her program. While trying to do handstand and then spin on her head, she lost her balance and fell over on her wrist. Her left wrist took the beating, as it was holding up her entire body during her fall.

“I’ve been warning her for years now.” Dr. Harold Carlstein told us. “I’ve been her doctor now since 2005, and I kept telling her, it was only a little time before she seriously injured herself.” “Why do you think back-up dancers retire at such a young age?” He continued. “Dancing can be fun in moderation, you go out on the weekends, but if you dance everyday, your body will start to deteriorate. That’s what happened to Ellen.”

“It’s hard to say what the future of The Ellen DeGeneres show is going to be.” A spokesperson at Warner Bros explained. “People watch the show so they can see Ellen dance. People go watch the show live so they can dance with Ellen. Besides dancing, she doesn’t really have a whole lot going for her on the show, so who knows if we will continue the program.”