Houston, TX – Everyday, astronomers are observing space to look for any sign of asteroids, meteors, or anything else that might be making contact with Earth in the near future. The Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research center in New Mexico uses many different tools to detect any kind of outer space objects and over time, has detected 231,082 new objects; 2,423 were asteroids close to Earth. The crew at LINEAR recently discovered an asteroid heading towards Connecticut and sent over the information to the Space Center in Houston. Upon receiving the news, NASA has planned to do absolutely nothing to stop the asteroid.

“We’re not going to lie,” Robert Franklin told us. “This asteroid is pretty big. We got word of it here around a month ago, but we’re not going to do anything about it. Turns out, the asteroid is just big enough to destroy Connecticut and only Connecticut.” Franklin has seen a good amount of objects come near Earth and has done everything he can to stop them. This time is different, however.

When he first heard Connecticut was the target of the asteroid, Richardson his immediate thought was excitement. His second thought was also excitement. “I’ve never been a fan of that place,” Franklin told us. “It’s just a bunch of Dave Matthews fans dressed in pastels. The casinos will be missed, but that’s about it.”

Franklin told us that there is no doubt there is something NASA could’ve done to stop the asteroid from hitting Connecticut, but he just had no interest in doing it.