Washington, DC – As the country waits to see if Hillary Clinton picks Bernie Sanders as her running mate, republican nutcase Donald Trump has announced his running mate. The hotel-mogul took to Twitter to announce that the hologram of Adolf Hitler will be his Vice President if he wins the 2016 election.

At Coachella four years ago, the hologram of the late 2pac joined Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre in a total surprise to the thousands of attendees. People wondered if maybe Shakur never actually died, which many people still believe to be true, but it turns out the visual was one of the Digital Domain Media Group.

The technology company worked for four months to pull off the concert stunt and had since gone bankrupt. After pricing holograms between $100,000 and $400,000, it turned out the craze didn’t take it off like everyone thought it would. Now, four years later, Trump has donated $600 million into the company to bring them out of bankruptcy and ironically back from the dead. In return for his investment, and the chance for many future financial contributions, the company will create a hologram Hitler for Trump to run with in the upcoming election.

There are rules to become president, like being born in the United States and being at least thirty-five-years-old. Apparently, there aren’t as many rules to becoming Vice President. There is nothing written anywhere that says a hologram can’t run. This could most likely be because holograms were never thought of as an actual possibility when the laws were written.

Digital Domain does not favor Trump, but they could not turn down the offer. Trump will be debating Clinton within the next few weeks and plans on having the hologram ready by then.