Jonathan Taylor Thomas to Reprise Role in Live-Action ‘The Lion King’

Hollywood, CA – You probably can’t count on your two hands how many live-action remakes Disney has planned for the next few years. After the success of Jon Favreau’s ‘The Jungle Book,’ Disney rushed to get scripts penned and films greenlit to bring more of their cartoons to the live-action, CGI screens.

‘The Lion King’ remake is well in the works now, with names like Beyonce rumored to sign on to star in the film. James Earl Jones has already signed on to return as Mufasa and we just learned that Jonathon Taylor Thomas has signed on to play Simba once again. While Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, will be playing adult Simba, the star of ‘Home Improvement’ and ‘Tom and Huck’ is returning to the big screen.

The Columbia University School graduate has spent very little time in Hollywood over the past decade, besides a few guest spots on Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing.’ “I mean, I won’t be on screen,” the Pennsylvania told us. “It’s being in front of the camera that does it for me. It’s stressful, everyone recognizes you on the streets. Now, I get to return to one of my first films and just do voice work. Also, I’m a huge Donald Glover fan, so I couldn’t turn down this offer. “The film should be hitting theaters sometime in late 2018.