Tom Brady Confirms Plans to Retire After Season

Foxborough, MA – Tom Brady is a household name. The California native has five Super Bowl rings and has won more Super Bowl MVPs than any other football player in the history of the sport. The Patriots quarterback has been playing for the same team since the turn of the century and wants to end his career that way. In hopes of ending his career on a high note, the Michigan alumni has announced his plans to retire after this current season.

If you know anything about the Patriots and New England, you would know that they get some of the worst weather every winter. But this doesn’t stop Brady from driving his Aston Martin around the harsh climate of Massachusetts. In order to successfully drive this British manufactured luxury car in the winter terrain, the GOAT had to add winter tires. At the end of the season, Brady plans to change his vehicle’s tires back to the normal ones that they came with.

“I know it might come as a shock to many,” Brady recently told us in an interview. “When the season is up, I will retire my vehicle.” We then had to tell the quarterback that retire does not mean putting different tires back on your car. Unfortunately, like most football players, Brady has suffered many injuries over time and has lost the ability to properly use some words.

We look forward to seeing what Brady does for the Patriots over the next couple years; with no plans to actually finish his career anytime in the near future.