Chance the Rapper to Provide SFX for Upcoming Fast and Furious Film

Los Angeles, CA – Chance the Rapper has been the hottest musician for the past half-decade. Not only is he one of the most successful unsigned artist, he has also made his way in front of the screen. The Chicago native hosted a hilarious episode of Saturday Night Live and even co-starred in a recent horror-comedy film starring Zazie Beetz and Paul Scheer.

If you’ve heard any of his songs, then you know the “Same Love” singer likes to make car sounds in his music. From screeching sounds to engines revving, Chance uses his humor to decorate his tracks with entertaining car sounds. To add to his already strong resume, he is now going to be providing all of the automobile sound effects on the upcoming Fast and Furious film.

‘Hobbs and Shaw,” a spin-off from the original franchise, follows The Rock and Jason Statham’s characters. The film follows US Diplomatic Security Agent Luke Hobbs forming an unlikely alliance with Statham’s Deckard Shaw and promises just as much action-packed car scenes as the first seven movies.

David Leitch, the film’s director, has been a fan of Chance the Rapper since the start and has been looking to somehow work with the rapper. The Wisconsin native said he was “lucky enough” to get a meeting with Chance and proposed the rapper provide voice effects for all of the car scenes in the film. “Before I even finished the sentence,” Leitch started. “Chance was completely on board.”

Chance has already visited the Universal Pictures’ lot to provide SFX for the trailer to the film.