When a director comes out with a hit film, it can be hard for them to follow it up with something just as good if not better. The love for the film might get held against the director for the rest of their lives because nothing will ever be as good as that film. Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids was a huge hit for men and women of all ages. It showed how funny women can be when they throw their beauty standards out the window and do beyond raunchy stuff for a laugh. Some of these things include shitting in a street and sexually assaulting a U.S. Air Marshall. Years after Bridesmaids, Feig directed Spy. The movie follows Melissa McCarthy’s character, Suzy Cooper, as she tries to take down a nuclear drug dealer. The movie is pretty much a female version of James Bond. Something only Feig could get away with directing, as this is the same director who will soon be directing an all female cast of Ghostbusters. Rose Byrne co-stars in it as a notorious weapons dealer, yet still playing the sassy, stuck-up character she played in Bridesmaids. Her real-life boyfriend, Bobby Carnivale co-stars in it along with Jason Statham, Allison Janey and Jude Law.
You might not believe me, but I laughed out loud way more throughout this movie than I did Bridesmaids. I think Bridesmaids is an overall better movie and I could watch it more, but Spy was laugh-out-loud funny the whole movie. McCarthy, of course, gets dressed up in ridiculous outfits for the movie, but pulls some pretty fun stunts throughout.

I’ve loved Jason Statham now for years, especially along side my favorite actor Ben Foster in The Mechanic. And he seems like a cool, grounded dude in real life. The fact that he took the role in this movie makes him an even greater guy. Statham plays a spy in this film, but the character is a parody of all of the other characters he’s ever played before. His character is a dimwitted asshole who tries to take the mission on by himself. He crosses paths with McCarthy’s character quite often, trying to one up her by telling her stories of different things he’s survived in previous missions. As hilarious as McCarthy is in the film, and as good as the cameos are throughout it, I would suggest seeing the movie alone for Jason Statham. That is, if you’re okay with hearing the word ‘Fuck’ almost as much as in Scarface.

The film is packed with hilarity and action. The further it is goes on, the more stunts and undercover disguises McCarthy takes. I loved this movie so much that I saw two screenings of it. Also, there is no doubt that I will buy it the minute it comes out on DVD. Go see it right now. Use a personal day at work. You deserve it.