Seattle, WA – A few weeks ago, Donald Trump set his sights on his next target: The U.S. Postal Service. Since his term started almost four years ago, the 45th president has come after organizations such as NATO, as well as companies like Twitter. The New York native is taking this next vendetta to “Such Great Heights” as he is coming after The Postal Service. The reason being: to discourage and throw off voters and so he can privatize the organization and make himself a few more billion dollars.

While on the toilet, after “Sleeping In” at Mar-a-Largo and taking a break from Twitter, Trump decided to research the Postal Service to see who was in charge of the organization so he could mock them and use his money and power to take them down. Trump found has way onto the Wikipedia page for the indie pop supergroup The Postal Service. The band formed in 2001 when Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and Headset’s Jimmy Tamborello collaborated on a track and found their sounds and passion blended quite nicely. The two musicians would then go on to start The Postal Service, with a name hailing from them recording their instruments from separate locations and using the mail to send their music back and forth.

The band saw a lot of success over the next decade or so, as their debut album Give Up went platinum. The band also worked with folk star and former child actress Jenny Lewis, who provided back-up vocals, guitars, and sampling to their Indietroinica album.

While the band did reform in 2013 to tour and release a ten-year-anniversary release of their only album, the group played their final shows in Chicago in August of 2013 and announced permanent dismemberment of the band.

While Trump only got through the first half of The Postal Service’s Wikipedia page, he found his way to Ben Gibbard’s information and put tax dollars to “Nothing Better” than shutting down the and.

The Bremerton native had to inform the military that he was simply in a band named The Postal Service and he had nothing to do with the independent agency responsible for processing and delivering over 181.9 million pieces of First-Class Mail everyday. In a recent interview with Gibbard, he mentioned “This Place is a Prison” in reference to America and said he is looking for a “Brand New Colony.”

Image by skeeze from Pixabay