This article contains Breaking Bad spoilers. 
Los Angeles, CA – It’s been two weeks now since we saw the demise of Walter White. Soon after the credits rolled to the finale of Breaking Bad, Twitter was filled with fans saying that creator, Vince Gilligan, ended the show exactly how they wanted it to end. Some fans even reached out to ‘Lost’ creator, Damond Lindelof, telling him to learn from Gilligan.

For the next two weeks, the 10.3 million viewers of the finale felt alone. There were no new episodes to look forward to. Fans moped around; many even getting bad performance reviews at work. There seemed to be something huge missing in their lives. This empty void would soon be filled, however.

On Sunday, October 13th, The Walking Dead returned for the season premiere of the fourth season. The following Monday, everyone returned to work with full force and productivity was at an all time high; even for a monday.