Seattle, WA – A recent study at the University of Washington has shown that fruit flies have somewhat of an attraction to homosexuals.

At the beginning of October, scientist Bill Trumbull started a test to see who, if any type of person, fruit flies might be attracted to. Trumbull gathered 100 students, faculty, and staff members from the college and sat them in a room with the Droosphila melanogaster species; also known as fruit flies or vinegar flies.

“It was definitely a unique study,” Trumbull told us. Recently, fruit flies have been studied for things from hearing loss to brain injury. “I knew it would be simple and cost-effective and it was something I was curious about for a long time.”

The Quarternary Research Center scientist expected the flies would be attracted to a specific age, gender, or race demographic, but was surprised to see that the flies were mostly attracted to eight of the volunteers who all happened to be gay.