Lexington, KY – Last week, the state of Kentucky made a really big decision that surprised most of the country. A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that the 15th state to join the union will now recognize same-sex marriages that was performed in other states.

Although it is a conservative state, Kentucky decided to move forward and start recognizing gay rights like a lot of the country is starting to do. However, the state did not make this decision because they feel gays deserve equal rights, they made it because they are desperate for new residents.

The judge that made the decision is not against gay rights, he just thought it was the best way to get people to move to the unpopular state that he lives in. At first, residents were a little upset, but it didn’t last long. Residents, like shop owner Bill Roberts, are more than excited.

“It seems that so many people have been moving out of our great state and there is no real attraction to move here,” Roberts told us. “But if it means more business for me and the other people who run their own businesses in Kentucky, then why not let the gays have rights.”