Boston, MA РIt was just a usual night in Boston, the city was lit up and the streets were filled with sports enthusiasts and their high-heeled girlfriends. A recent college grad, Ted Rockford, went down to Lansdowne Street to drink with a couple friends when something out of the ordinary happened.

As he joined his friends at O’Donnell’s Four Leaf Leprechaun, for a couple Sam Adams, the pitcher was just about finished so Rockford volunteered to get the next round. As he approached the bar a beautiful young bartender approached him to ask him what he wanted. She complimented him on his Big Papi shirt, telling him he was “A wicked good ball player.” Rockford agreed as they went on talking about the Red Sox and their legendary 2004 World Series win.
Rockford noticed his friends waiting impatiently so he wrapped up his conversation with the beautiful bartender and headed back to his friends.

As the bar was closing down, we interviewed Sarah Cranston, the beautiful bartender. She went on to tell us she found Rockford attractive and was hoping he would have asked for her number. “I don’t know what it was,” she told us. “We really hit it off, but maybe he’s a queer or something.”

We caught up with Rockford later that night as he and his friends made their way to Pot o’ Gold, another popular bar in Boston. “Wait, she was into me?” Rockford asked with a surprise on his face. “I thought she was just working for a good tip.”