Gaza Strip, Palestine- In lieu of complaints about the current missile warning system for Palestinian citizens, Israel has generously agreed to provide a new iPhone application to warn them.

The old warning system, consisted of a smaller bomb alerting Palestinian citizens of the bigger bomb coming in three minutes. The new system, is an iPhone application aptly named “Heads Up”, that not only alerts Palestinians of the incoming missile strike in Hebrew, but provides a means of evacuation within the allotted three minute window.

Since the Gaza Strip is surrounded by Egyptian border on the left, and Israeli border everywhere else, the “Heads Up” application smartly directs Palestinians to the closest evacuation route…the Mediterranean Sea.

Israeli authorities proudly project the “Heads Up” application to be readily available for download in January of 2015.

In other news, recent surveys show that less than 1% of the Palestinian population actually have iPhones, and the closest iPhone store is located just over the Israel border.