Washington, D.C. – There’s a lot going on in America right now and President Barack Obama has been criticized for taking off to Martha’s Vineyard to vacation with his family. The president was seen enjoying his time on the beach and the golf course, but has since returned and has a lot to deal with. More criticism may be coming his way now that he has announced that he will be changing his primary focus to the hazelnut shortage and how it will affect so many people.

“Sure there’s a lot going on right now,” Obama started off his State of the Union address last night. “We have war, poverty, and so many other things we need to work on. However, Nutella is one of the few things that make our amazing citizens happy and distracts them from all these tragedies.”

Turkey produces more than 70 percent of Earth’s hazelnuts, but the country has suffered many hailstorms and frosts lately, causing the price to rise. Obama is working with the Department of Agriculture to fix this serious problem.