New York, NY – It seems that every few months, a new cell phone comes out with even crazier features than the last. Over the last few years, we’ve seen things like Emojis, intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigators like Siri, smart watches, and much more. With only a week into the new year, Apple has announced a new feature on their upcoming iPhone 7.

The newest update will be released in the early summer and will feature a new product that could change the game of cellular phones. And marriage. The product will be a new version of Siri, except it will now be a man named Brooksy, who will listen to any problems women may have and respond to them with advice and other comforting responses.

“Studies have shown us that iPhone users are mostly women,” Tim Cook, CEO of AppleĀ told us. “We want to start catering towards are bigger demographic and we feel that this will keep iPhone users satisfied and bring in more female users. Not only that, but for the men using the iPhones, Brooksy will be able to talk sports, beer, and other things with the male users.

The only problem with the new iPhone feature is that it will more than likely cause many divorces and breakups. As women will no longer need a man at home to discuss their problems, they will now be able to break things off with their men and just rely on their phones for moral support. For the couples the do stay together, Cook has promises that Brooksy will now relay any information to significant others.