Washington, D.C. – With the 2016 presidential election coming up, speculations have been brought up that we could be seeing Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton, and Mitt Romney running for president. Other possible candidates have mentioned a possibility of a running, and as usual, we will see Ralph Nader return for yet another year of running and coming nowhere close to winning.

Every four years, Ralph Nader runs for president, only to get 5% of the votes. Using math, it would only take Nader 80 years or running for president to get 100% of the votes. We aren’t quite sure why the Connecticut native keeps running, but we love his can-do attitude. Unfortunately, every four years fictional characters like Mickey Mouse and Superman, receive more votes, but that still doesn’t stop the Independent from running.

In a recent interview, Nader answered to rumors that he will not only be running for president in the 2016 election, but he’s also going to be pushing for 6% in the election. “If I can manage to get 6% of the votes,” Nader started. “Then I will consider it a win and stop running in the following elections. Maybe then I’ll just get a normal job, at Yankee Candle or something.”