Glendale, AZ – Last night’s Super Bowl kept everyone on their feet. With less than a minute left, the Seahawks were on the goal-line about to score, win the game, and take home the trophy. As Brady and the rest of his team were getting ready to walk to the locker room with their heads down, Malcom Butler caught an interception to seal the deal and make his team the champions of the 49th Super Bowl.

One would think that Brady would take his world famous model wife back to the hotel to celebrate with some incredible sex, but that wasn’t the case. Brady actually rushed quickly past the cameras and his team and went straight to his locker to make sweet, sweet love to his Ugg boots. The quarterback has quitr the reputation as a pretty boy and he even has his own signature Ugg boots. Since he’s gotten them, he now requires his own private corder in every locker room, where he can make love to his Uggs after a big win.

“When his face lit up after the interception, I could just tell he was waiting to get out of there to have sex with his Ugg boots,” Coach Bill Belichick told us. “If that’s how he wants to celebrate a win, I’m all for it. Some people drink champagne, some so drugs, Brady puts his dick in some fur.”