Hollywood, CA – Nicholas Cage used to be a great actor, as well as a man who was taken seriously. The Rock, Con-Air, and Leaving Las Vegas were some of the films on his resume that made him really stick out. The Long Beach native was on the top of every director’s list, but this changed in the early 2000’s when the actor starred in National Treasurer. Since doing that film, he also did a sequel to the surprisingly high-grossing film.

The film is based around historians who travel the world to uncover different clues hidden in paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art that is stored inside of famous museums. The movie was so horrible that it ruined Cage’s career because nobody could take him seriously anymore. For Cage it was the opposite: he started taking himself way too seriously.

Since then, the Lord of War star has still played the main character in numerous films. However, Cage got so into his role as Benjamin Franklin Gates in the National Treasure franchise that he actually believes the films could be more non-fiction than they actually are. The actor has been spending time in-between films traveling the world trying to uncover secrets in museums. After destroying too many artifacts without any hint of uncovering a truth, Cage has been banned from every museum in the world.

Every museum now has trained their security guards to keep a look out for Cage and to take his visits very seriously. “It doesn’t matter anymore that he is such a big actor,” Steve Patterson told us. The director of the Guggenheim went on to say, “Too many historical artifacts have been ruined because of Nicholas Cage and we won’t have it anymore.”

If you happen to see Nicholas Cage at any museums, please report it immediately to the guards.