Louisville, KY – Last night was just an ordinary night for Dale Swanson and his crew of mulleted friends. After leaving work at the quarry, the group headed down to the plaza to get drunk and shoot things in the parking lot. Since the crew gets out of the quarry around 8:00, the offices and the parking lots are usually empty. Swanson and his friends bring a few cases of Natty Ice, empty cans from last week, and guns to shoot those cans. Little did they all know that a lawyer was working late and saw everything outside of his window.

Harry Steinman works at Finkelstein and Levingston, a popular law firm in the Morrisville area. He was held late at the office, catching up on work so he didn’t have to come in for the weekend.the day went by fast, but after everyone left, it was crunch time. Unfortunately, the Illinois native was distracted by revving engines, gun shots, and the wretched sounds of country music. The accountant called the cops and they showed up quite promptly.

Most of the crew heard the sirens and scattered off to the woods, but Swanson wasn’t fast enough. By the time he could get into the position to run, he was surrounded by most of the Morrisville police. He spent the night in jail and has a court date for the beginning of April.