If you’re a filmmaker, you’ve probably heard of The 48 Hour Film Project. It’s a contest where filmmakers have only 48 hours to put together a short film. The catch:  They don’t know anything about it until the 48 hours begin. This competition has been going on for years now and takes place in major cities all over the world.

‘Relax’ was entered to The Providence 48 Hour Film Project in 2012. The short,  by Stand Up Films, won three different awards: Best Film, Best Directing – Cory Brailsford, and Best Actor – Ray Harrington.

Harrington is a comedian from Rhode Island who tours the country and has a documentary coming out soon. Find out more about it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/99246719/be-a-man-a-documentary-feature-film-in-post-produc