Denver, CO –¬†Will Michaelson always had a great set of hair, but it was only so long before he lost it. His father is bald, his grandfather is bald, and he himself knew that one day he would be as well. However, it came a lot sooner than he thought it would.

Shortly after turning twenty-six, he noticed he was losing a lot of hair in the front of his head. He tried growing it out, not only to cover up the baldness, but to prove to himself that he could still grow there. The Boston native realized not only was he losing his hair, but it was leading to him losing a chance to ever find a woman to settle down with.

The advertising executive started rushing to find a woman to settle down with. He texted, called, emailed, and sent smoke signals to old girlfriends and hookups, but they were either taken or could tell he was balding already from his Facebook.

He joined every dating website out there, including www.blackpeoplemeet.com, but has not had any luck. He plans on pushing to find a woman, but is also buying Powerball tickets everyday in hopes that he will win a bunch of money and can then have any woman he wants.