Phoenix, AZ – In 1999, Tech Deck took the world by storm. The toy manufacturer created a brand of fingerboards: a miniature skateboard that you could ride with your fingers. The small skateboards had been around for decades, but the product was either for a prototype for a normal sized skateboard or was given  as a keychain to people buying skateboards. It wasn’t until Tech Deck came along that these toys were actually able to function at the fingertips of users.
Tech Decks made their make for young boys all over the world. The toys were brought into school and took over the Pokemon craze. Fingerboards were taken away by more teachers than cell phones are today. While most boys grew out of Teck Decks, one man in his 30s hasn’t stopped using them.
Adam Richardson is a game developer in Phoenix. The Idaho native lives a very grown up life. He owns his own condo, pays taxes, and is in a very serious relationship. However, he still plays with a Teck Deck skateboard.
“I never learned how to land a pop shove-it,” Richardson told us. “I could destroy a rail or a half pipe, but the off-the-ground tricks were always the hardest for me.” Richardson was and always will be a person who never gives up on things. That is why he plans to never stop using his Birdhouse Tech Deck until he finally lands a pop shove-it.