Kathmandu, Nepal – Monks are thought of as peaceful, non-violent people. They practice different forms of meditation so they can reach ultimate enlightenment. Buddhist monks, or bhikkhus, take five different vows throughout their lives. The second vow, satya, represents truth. A monk’s vow of silence may fall under this vow, as the monk will want to say something, but will refrain to not cause any conflict. For Danshe Amuna, his vow of over eight years recently came to an end.

Since 2007, America has been following the lives of the Kardashian family. Ryan Seacrest and E! got behind the show to start following the celebrities and the show has been a success ever since then. While America has found such a fascination in the lives of untalented nobodies, people all over the world are completely dumbfounded on how there was a first season of the show, and a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth, and sixth, a seventh, an eight, a ninth, now a tenth, and spin-off shows as well.

Since it’s premiere, Amuna took a vow because he didn’t want to express his hatred toward the reality series. After eight years of complete silence, he spoke. Amuna left the temple in which he has been praying in for eight years and climbed the tallest mountain in Kathmandu. It was here that he spoke for the first time in over a decade. He yelled, “WHY? WHY IS THIS SHOW STILL GOING ON? I DON’T GET IT. SO MANY GREAT SHOWS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. AND THERE’S SPIN OFF SHOWS OF THIS CRAP. AND THERE’S NOTEBOOKS PEOPLE BUY OF THAT SHOW. AND MAKEUP. AND MORE. WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL WATCHING THIS SHOW.”

Amuna’s voice echoed across the village and everyone came out to hear his rant. He then returned to his temple and took a long nap. “I had never seen him so relaxed and peaceful before,” a fellow monk told us.

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