Denver, CO – There’s no hiding the fact that couples fight. Whether they have been together one day or one hundred years, there’s going to be some arguments and differences. Some couples can take things further than others, though. One of these couples is Mike Kendrick and Jenn Offerman, a young couple in Colorado’s capital.

The couple were flipping through the channels last night and stumbled upon ‘Beer Fest,’ which was airing on Comedy Central. Cloris Leachman, the Emmy award comedic actress, was in one of the scenes on the television. Kendrick, a screenplay writer, brought up how much he loved Cloris Leachman. Offerman, an international food critic, agreed and they talked about other things they loved her in like Fox’s ‘Raising Hope.’ Kendrick continued talking to his girlfriend about his love for Leachman and he then went on to say he loved her even more than Betty White.

Offerman, who was just finishing up a nice chicken dinner she made for her and her boyfriend, took the steak knife and stabbed her boyfriend. The action was almost instantly after his comment and Offerman stabbed Kendrick multiple times. Neighbors heard yelling and called the police, who arrived shortly after the dispute started. Kendrick is in the hospital now, but the doctors said he will make a full recovery. His plan after getting out is to find a new girlfriend. One who also likes Cloris Leachman more than Betty White.