Denver, CO – When you live in a big city, there is always something to do. Whether it’s going to see a game, a concert, or going somewhere to eat, the options are endless. As nice as having options is, it can sometimes prove stressful for indecisive people. Matt and Jan, a couple in the Mile High City, wanted to go on a date night last week. The two New England natives hadn’t had a good date night in a while, so they thought they would do something romantic.

The couple didn’t eat much at work that day as they had plans to go out. When they got home from work, they started discussing what they were in the mood for. Chicken wings, Mexican, and Italian food all crossed their minds, but once they managed to narrow that down, they couldn’t figure out what restaurant to go to. The couple asked Siri about restaurants, but that wasn’t enough. They hopped on Yelp next and starting reviewing places, but nothing really stuck out. After that, they opened up a phone book that had arrived on their door months ago that they were keeping for fires in the winter.

Minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days. They had used up all of their phone batteries to try to find a place so they missed calls from their bosses, friends, and family. By the time the police were notified of twit not-responsiveness, it was too late.

The police arrived at their house late last night to find that both couples had starved to death. The medical examiner discovered the cause of death was starvation. It appeared the couple had been so fixated on their indeciveness, they had neglected both food and water.