Los Angeles, CA – It seems to be that every time someone in the public eye addresses their hatred towards something, they always get caught with the things they so highly oppose. Homophobic politicians get caught with gay lovers, people who are against others not paying taxes get caught themselves not paying them. Now, notorious billionaire Donald Trump has been caught going down the same road.

The New York native has gotten himself into quite some trouble over the past few weeks. Shortly after announcing his candidacy for president, he spoke up about his hatred towards Mexicans. He believes they are coming into our country illegally and ruining it. While this will win over some votes in some parts of the country, most of the United States has now lost all respect for the investor. Even worse, so have the companies that have worked with Trump for years.

Both NBC and Macy’s have cut all ties with Trump. Although these companies will lose out on some money, they’ll gain a lot more fans and eventually win over more business from other people who are against Trump and all that he stands for. There’s a great chance that many other partners of his will soon drop him as well.

After Trump gave a recent speech at a rally in downtown Hollywood, the author was hungry and headed out quickly to find something to eat. His chauffeur drove him to the Qdoba onĀ Sepulveda Boulevard in Culver City. Trump made his way to the counter and ordered a grilled steak burrito.

“I was very surprised to see him in our restaurant,” Manuel Rodriguez told us. The manger of the Mexican restaurant has seen his fair share of celebrities come in and eat, but he never expected to see Trump in his restaurant. “Everyone in the place stared at him,” Rodriguez told us. “And it wasn’t because of who he is, it’s because of what he just said. We would have never expected to see him coming in to eat our food.” Rodriguez recalled Trump not having any matters what so ever, but he ate his food faster than most customers. Rodriguez also gave the go ahead to his staff to spit on Trump’s food.