I had no interest in seeing this movie. I probably wouldn’t have even gotten it at Redbox when it came out. However, I got advanced screening tickets to it and decided I would go for the hell of it. I’m really glad I saw it. I had only seen the first two films and this one relates to them. The plot to this one is really easy to understand. Basically, grown up John Connor sends a friend, Kyle Reese, back to 1984 to help the Terminator save Sarah Connor so Sarah Connor can then have John Connor who will grow up to lead the resistance against Skynet and send his friend back to save Sarah Connor so Skynet can be taken down and humans can finally get their planet back from the robots. Once Reese meets up with Sarah and the Terminator, he convinces them to go to 2017, where they will take down Skynet before it even starts. Also, Skynet is pretty much an advanced Siri that has been created to link up all social media, and then Siri decides to take over the world.

As much as I’m making fun of the plot, I did like the money. I thought I would go just for the action and fun, but it was actually a pretty good movie. Even better, we got to see it in 3D, which was awesome.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as the Terminator. Having the sequel take place during some of the first few films, there are definitely some familiar scenes and laughs. Throughout the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character is working on being more of a human than a robot. Because of this, he smiles, uses sarcasm, and even tries his hand at a few tag lines.  Jason Clarke plays a grown-up John Connor and, just like in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, there’s a big fight scene on the Golden Gate bridge. Jai Courtney stars in the film as Reese, thought I’m pretty sure it’s Phillip Phillips just with a different stage name. Dr Who’s Matt Smith plays a pivotal role in the film as does Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke. Oscar winner, J.K. Simmons also has a big role in the film. His parts of the film are actually my favorite. I won’t ruin anything, but I would recommend just seeing the film for his