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Denver, CO – A week ago, the rap biopic, Straight Outta Compton, hit theaters nationwide. The film tells the story of NWA and how they came up in the rap game despite struggles with crime, drugs and other obstacles of being from the “Hub City.” The film details the lives of Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, two beloved and current rappers, as well as the other members of the rap quartet.

The film has been getting incredible reviews across the board. Having been produced by some of the members, the film does a great job at acutely portraying the rise of the NWA, with only leaving out a few controversial details from over the decades.
Phil Lampton, movie reviewer for the SouthLetter , has been writing reviews in the Denver area for over two decades. Most readers of the entertainment newspaper have always agreed with Lampton and a good amount of Colorado’s capital have even said he is their deciding factor when it comes to watching a movie. However, Lampton just flipped his world upside down as he said an African-American biopic was ‘Just Okay.’

Within only a few hours of the review being published, readers of the popular newspaper were outside of SouthLetter throwing bricks through the windows and looking for Lampton as if he were the town ogre. Since the review came out Wednesday, the newspaper claims to have fired Lampton and he has also disappeared.

A similar story happened last year when Lee Daniels’¬†The Butler came out. Larry Steinberg, a once beloved film critic for NBC, said he thought¬†The Butler was ‘good, really good, just not anything to write home about.’ Nobody has heard from or seen Steinberg since then after he received thousands of death threats.

You can see the new F. Gary Gray film now. Just make sure that if you’re cacausian, you tell everyone how incredible the film is. Even if it was just alright.