Hollywood, CA – For over two decades now, the world has been covered in the beautiful and controversial work of Banksy. The graffiti street artist, who’s work makes him one of the most known political activists of recent, started his work in 1992 and has somehow still kept his identity under wraps. Over the past few years, articles have made the front page claiming to know who Banksy is, but they have never been right.

Towards the end of August, Banksy held a show in England known as Dismaland. The “bemusement park” was a parody of Disneyland and used it’s most famous characters, rides, and attractions to expose some of the common things that Banksy exposes in his artwork. It seems that Dismaland was Banksy’s last show, as he decided to reveal his identity to the world last night. The world-famous artist turns out to be comedian and actor, Pauly Shore.

In a way, this comes as a surprise to everyone, but it also makes sense. The Encino Man star hasn’t really been around since the early 90’s; which is when Banksy got his start. People often wondered how Banksy was able to travel as much as he did, use all the art supplies he did, and assemble the teams that he did. Shore made a good amount of money and connections in the 80s and early 90s, so this would make sense as well. The California native went to on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to make the announcement.

When Fallon mentioned last week that Shore would be on his show this one, viewers across the country took to the internet to ask how and why Shore would be on the talk show. After disappearing from the entertainment world, the whole world seemed to have forgotten about The Weasel until now. When they heard his name, they wondered just what it was he would be doing on the show. Fast forward to a week later and Shore is now trending on Twitter and is being praised by everyone.

Fallon’s set was redesigned to image some of the walls that Banksy has painted on over time. The wall was also was covered in some of his most notable paintings, such as a man throwing a bouquet of flowers like a rose. Viewers were confused at first, but upon brining out Pauly Shore, Jimmy Fallon had just shocked the nation.

Pauly Shore told the viewers that he always loved art more than comedy, but he just fell so fast into the comedy world and he wanted to have some fun with it. The business eventually got to him and he had enough money to get out of the spotlight and start decorating the world with his art.

“The paparazzi, the greed, just the whole Hollywood scene got to me,” Shore told us. “I was always doing my art in my free time, but the thing was I never really had it.” Shore went on to say he’s always been political, but his career would’ve ruined anything he wanted to do with it. “There was a time where I wanted to run for mayor, but I knew it would’ve been thought of as a joke.”

By the end of the Monday night episode, viewers took to Twitter with #Shore2016, to try to get the once actor and comedian back into the spotlight, just in a different light this time. This morning, Shore went on Good Morning America to announce his candidacy.