Rio de Janeiro – With less than a month until the 2016 Olympics, Rio is falling apart. Body parts have shown up on the beaches where some of the games will be held, olympians are choosing not to attend the games because of health scares, and now one of the largest, both physically and figuratively, monsters has arrived in the South American city.

Traveling over 11,000 miles from Japan, Godzilla has shown up in Rio to make even more people worry about the 31st olympics games. “It just keeps getting worse,” Juan Pantes told us. The design engineer of the volleyball court has had a front row for all of the mishaps so far. “A buddy and I were joking recently,” Pantes continued. “We said, there’s no way this could get any worse. Next thing we know, Gigantis shows up in Rio. It was scary at first. We always thought he was just a myth. Within a few hours of hiding from him, though, we were all just laughing about it.”

It would be too late to cancel the olympics in Rio, so it looks like the games will still be happening. Competitors from Japan are even more excited to attend the games, so they can finally be in the presence of Godzilla. Stay tuned for the Olympic Games on August 5th.