Hollywood, CA – The time has finally come: Eugene Levy’s eyebrows have turned into butterflies. The Canadian actor has been in front of the camera for almost five decades now and the world has waited in anticipation for this moment since day one. If you’re not sure what you’re reading right now, Eugene Levy is known for his eyebrows. The SCTV alum has had caterpillar growing on his face since the day he was born. As funny as the ‘Best in Show’ star may be, a recent poll let us know that 78% of people who watch any of Levy’s shows or movies these days are only doing so to see his eyebrows finally making the transition.

“I was so honored to be there for the transformation,” Charlie Burnstein told us. The ‘Schitt’s Creek’ producer was shooting the season three finale recently when he was able to see Levy’s face turn into a beautiful display of Arthropoda wonders. “We kept the cameras rolling so we were able to capture it all on tape. Right now, we’re in talks with a couple broadcasting channels to make a documentary on the film. Discovery Channel would be out first pick, but we really want to go with whoever will showcase this beautiful moment in the best way possible.”

Catherine O’Hara, Levy’s co-star on ‘Scitt’s Creek’ and Christopher Guest’s films, said she saw it coming. “He came to set one day and his eyebrows looked hideous,” the ‘Home Alone’ mom told us. “We thought his face was just having an allergic reaction to some of the makeup he had used the day before. It turns out that his eyebrows were turning into larvae at the time.” O’Hara has had bets placed with many Hollywood people for as long as she can remember. “I bet they were going to turn into butterflies in 1995. I never thought they would take this long. I lost $500,00, but the journey has been worth it.”

Eugene Levy couldn’t be reached for comments, as his face was too busy drinking nectar.