Washington, D.C. – It’s been a hell of a month for Trump. He has lost most of his supporters, Japan’s first lady pretended not to know English to avoid him, and Sean Spicer recently quit his job as White House Press Secretary. On top of these recent downfalls of the Trump administration, the 45th president of the Free World is still facing accusations that he is in communications and partnership with controversial Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. Trump has repeatedly told his nation that he is not in talks with Putin on any major changes to his country and that the two are “just friends.” However, a recent leak at the White House earlier this morning might prove that Trump is much deeper into his relationship with Putin than previously thought.

At 9:40am EST, an intern at the White House uploaded an Instagram post of a document he was retrieving from the printer. The document just so happened to be Trump’s final draft of his new healthcare plan. It also just so happened to be that the document was printed in Russian.

“I honestly didn’t know what to think of it,” Marty Parks told us. The twenty-one-year-old Georgetown student has been working at the White House as an assistant for the past few months and claims to have seen quite the scenarios. “Yeah, I mean, Trump and Putin are a lot closer than you would think. I often hear Trump giggling like a schoolgirl as he Facetimes with Trump late at night. [Trump] also walks around the White House with his headphones in, not listening to Kanye or any music that you would think of, he is actually listening to Rosetta Stone and is trying to learn Russian.” The Connecticut native went on to tell us that he had no idea what to do once he stumbled upon the document this morning. “I knew that it was Russian right away. I took a class in it Freshman year, and let’s face it, it’s Trump so you can’t be surprised.

Within moments, Park’s Instagram account was immediately deleted, but not before thousands of people screenshot the image. As you can see in the picture below, which is the front page of the healthcare plan, there is no Russian word for “Healthcare” and that is what led him to believe this must have been a new healthcare plan.

Trump has already come forward to say that printing the document in Russian was, “I did it accidentally. A very huge mistake.” The celebrity-turned-politician took to Twitter to tell his country that he sometimes gets confused in Microsoft Word and prints things in different languages. “I miss that little paper clip guy,” Trump followed-up. “I never printed things in the wrong language when he was there to help.”