Beverly, MA – Randall Salsberg is not your average train passenger. Sure he buys the same tickets as everyone else and even rides the same train, however he does whatever it takes to not have anyone sit next to him.

“It’s hard enough dragging myself out of bed in the morning to get to my office.” Salsberg began. “But to squeeze into a seat with two other strangers, that’s a little too much.”

For the past three months, this Government Center employee has done anything he could think of to avoid having a fellow passenger sit next to him.

“The hardest part was the beginning.” Salsberg recalls. “The part where people sat next to me and I had to make a scene to make sure they, along with the other passengers, wouldn’t make that mistake again.

“One morning, I ate like three of those packs of sushi from the gas station on my walk to the train. And I don’t even like sushi. In fact I hate it. I knew it would go right through me, though, and it did.”

Other things Salsberg did included making balloon animals, talking extremely loud without a phone or Bluetooth in sight, and cutting his toenails.

“Now it’s great.” Salsberg admits. “I get on the train, find my own seat, and watch everyone walk by me. Sometimes I’ll even lay down and go back to bed.”