Burlington, VT – This past Monday, a new statue was put up in Lakeside Park. The statue, standing at 10 feet and 8 inches, is dedicated to the man who founded and named the famous body of water, Lake Titcaca.

“I can’t believe we actually got the statute made.” Franky Tompkins told us. “I was playing hacky sack with some of my friends and we started joking about how great the name Lake Titicaca was. One of the guy’s father is pretty high up in Burlington, we told him about it, and here it is.”

Miro Weinberger, the mayor of Burlington told us, “We thought it was a great idea. Not only is the name of the lake hilarious, but we knew it would bring a lot of tourism here. Sure, we don’t know the name of the actual person who found the lake, however, a lot of hotels are getting booked and restarant owners are already seeing more customers at night.”