Wilmington, DE – In he beginning of July, the state of Delaware has now allowed same sex marriage. Although this decision has been applauded by many gay rights activists, it has definitely caused some confusion.

Over the past three weeks, hundreds of same sex marriages have  begun flooding the calendars at many different venues. At the same time, there has been some confusion among the fathers of the brides and grooms in these upcoming weddings, as the father of the bride is usually the one who pays for the ceremony.

“I don’t know, this is just something that none of us thought of.” Charlie Ranston told us this past weekend. “I mean, we’ve been pushing for years for our daughter Natalie, to marry her partner, but we never realized the financial stress it would cause. As we met with the wedding planner and started talking prices, I looked at my future daughter-in-law’s father, and we both just shrugged.”

This confusion has been sweeping the state and has also been a big stress factor in same sex weddings happening all over the country. Sal Everett, a father who encountered the same issue, told us how he dealt with the situation. “I played a game of Wii bowling against my son-in-law’s father. I lost, so I paid for the wedding. It was the easiest way to solve the problem.”