Los Angeles, CA – The Fall is back which means pumpkin coffee, scarves, and a bunch of new television pilots trying to pull in money for major networks.

Along with the return of somewhat successful shows like ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Parenthood,’ NBC premiered a new comedy last week starring Rainn Wilson and Melissa McCarthy. The show is called ‘ADD’ and is about parents who have just found out their son is diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. The comedy takes place with the parents trying to get their son to focus, but somehow manage to make it worse.

When the show premiered last Monday after the drama, ‘The Blacklist,’ the viewership reached higher on the ratings than expected.

” I really am surprised it did as well at it did,” an executive at NBC told us. “Not only did we have the 10:00 pm slot going against us, but this show was somewhat rushed. After a different pilot was shut down before the first taping, we through this one together. I think it was the cast that, at first, brought in a good amount of viewers.”

This past Monday, however, the show lost more than half of it’s viewers.