Los Angeles, CA – Haley Joel Osment was a household name in the early 1990s and early 2,000s. The child star saw very early success playing roles like Tom Hank’s son in Forrest Gump, the young medium in M. Night Shamalan’s The Sixth Sense and the robotic kid in Steven Spielberg’s futuristic A.I Artificial Intelligence. 

The Los Angeles native took some time off from acting and even went on to graduate from Tischs School of Arts in 2011. He also spent a lot of time on the green, as he is an avid golfer. Over the last few years, he made a return to the screen starring in one of Kevin Smith’s True North horror movies and guest starring on the season two premiere of FXX’s critically acclaimed What We Do in the Shadows.

While walking the streets of Santa Monica last weekend, Osment found a nickel and a penny shining in the sun. After picking up the two coins he took a picture of them and shared them on his social media accounts. He intends on putting his money in the bank, hoping it gathers interest.