Hollywood, CA – Fresh off of the lengthy press tour for the newest Star Wars movie, Forest Whitaker announced on Twitter this morning that his left eye will be retiring from acting. The Texas native is a well known actor and producer, but is most notorious for his eyes. Whitaker has ptosis, which causes a dropping or falling of the upper lid. Whitaker has spoken publicly about his criticized eye saying that it is hereditary. He has thought about getting surgery done, as the condition does stunt his eyesight.

“Over the years, the eye has gotten worse,” the Oscar winner told us this morning. “When you work on a movie, you don’t work the typical 9-5. You work 14-15 hour days. Over the years, my eye has just gotten worst and worst. Showing emotions, winking, sleeping and waking up; I’ve done all of these things in films over the years. My optometrist told me that my eye has drooped a total of 1.3 inches over the past twenty years.” Whitaker was told that if he keeps working his left eye like he has been, it will be permanently closed within the next few years.

Whitaker doesn’t plan to quit acting. He has worked with his agent to make sure in his contracts he doesn’t have to work his left eye. Instead, a green felt will be put over it and an eye will be digitally enhanced in post-production.

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