Houston, TX – The Tamagotchi has been around now for two decades. While the┬ádigital pet may have been released in 1996, there have been over 44 different versions of the toy. You can even find Tamagotchis on your cell phone’s app store these days.

When the Japanese game first hit stores, they were some of the fastest selling products the world had and still has ever seen. Tamagothics could be found in schools, households, and anywhere else a teenager might be. A lot of parents got their children a Tamagotchi to try to teach them responsibility. If a child wanted a pet, their parents would get them a Tamagotchi to see if they were able to feed, bath, and nurture a creature. While most Tamagotchis are in the bottom of toy chests across the world, one woman has just retired her Tamagotchi.

Rachel Matthews, a forty-year-old accountant in the Space City, is now ready to have a baby. The Arizona native was in a very serious relationship with her high school sweetheart when they had talked about having a child. Matthews didn’t feel ready, so she bought a Tamagotchi to see if she could handle the responsibilities that come with having a baby. Almost two decades later, and after losing her boyfriend and not dating at all, Rachel now feels she is ready to have a baby.