Los Angeles, CA – A few months ago, NBC started advertising a show about a handicapped policeman who does his job from the wheelchair he is confined to. Magazine readers, billboard viewers, and the few people left who still watch commercials were extremely entertained by the plot of the show. On October 2nd, the pilot premiered at a 10:00pm slot, and viewers took to social media explaining how let down they were that the show was in fact a drama.

Many of the Tweets before the premiere were from viewers being excited for a new comedy to hit the network. After the pilot, most viewers were upset they had just sat through a whole hour of a drama, while the other viewers still were confused by the show. One Tweet read: “That show is not funny at all and had way too much drama for a comedy.”

Many people, including these viewers, don’t know that Ironside is actually a remake that ran from 1967 to 1975. While the original lasted a good eight seasons, the remake will be lucky if it can make it through the first season.

One viewer who learned about the original show Tweeted: “Just ordered the original ‘Ironside.’ Hopefully this one is funnier than the new one.”