Portland, ME – On November 5th, Maine’s biggest city passed a law that allows people the possession and private use of cannabis. Less than a week later, the city is already working on a new law that will fine anyone for making a duck face.

“My nieces and nephews do it, people in restaurants are doing it; I see it everywhere,” Mayor Michael F. Brennan started. “When I was growing up, you smiled in pictures and it was that simple. Something needs to be done and I want to be there for the start of the movement,” he continued.

Portland has become the first East Coast city to pass the marijuana bill, but that wasn’t enough for Brennan.

“The city has never really had trouble with bringing in new residents and tourists,” Brennan told us. “But the more the merrier. With the legalization of marijuana and, hopefully, the lack of duck faces, I think Portland will become a visionary city.”

If the law does pass, anyone making a duck face for a photograph or any other reason will be fined $100 and can spend up to one night in jail.