Los Angeles, CA – Will Stevens, a recent college graduate of UCLA, has found a creative way to save a couple extra dollars every time he goes out. Whether it’s going to the movies or out to eat, Stevens dresses up as an old man to get senior citizens discounts.

After graduating in May, the Washington native has had a tough time finding a full-time job; leading to some tough time financial troubles.

“I didn’t want to move back home,” he started. “I wanted to stay in the area, so I’m paying part of a friend’s rent to stay on her couch.”

But that still doesn’t help Stevens that much. After going to the movies with his grandfather this past summer, he saw the discount his grandfather received and was inspired.

The couch he sleeps on belongs to a college friend, Sarah Hills, who studied theater and has worked on different productions over the past year. Hills brings home make up and props to help Stevens get into character.

Stevens has kept track of all of the money he’s saved so far. “It’s crazy how much it’s added up over time,” he started. “I started in June and have saved over $3,500 so far.”