New York, NY – Alex Rodriguez, the┬áthird baseman for the New York Yankees, has withdrawn the appeal on his suspension from the MLB. The Empire State native has accepted his 162 game suspension for his use of steroids.

Over the past few months, Rodriguez has been battling paparazzi and the courtroom as he denied all allegations of using performance enhancing drugs. However, he decided to lift his appeal, therefore mostly admitting to his use of steroids.

After making his statement in a press conference, a reported asked what he would be doing with his time off. The reporter and the rest of the room were surprised as Rodriguez responded by saying, “I plan to read all three books in the Twilight series.

Rodriguez went on to say that he had been too busy all this time dating models and other celebrities and partying, but has always wanted to read the Stephanie Meyer novels. “I love vampire stories and I’ve hard so many neat things about the series. If the books are half as good as the movies, I’ll still love them,” he added.