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Robby “The Robber” Westin Becomes First Openly Straight Wrestler


Hollywood, CA – As everyone knows, almost every wrestler in the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is a homosexual. From Charley “The Muscles” Franklin to Harry “The Ladder” Lexington, pretty much every wrestler is gay.

However, Atlanta’s mid-thirties wrestler Ross Westin, also known as “The Robbber” for stealing the belt from other competitors, recently made a big announcement in a press conference, telling everyone that he is a heterosexual.

“It was the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make,” started Westin. “For so long, I’ve kept this secret buried deep down inside. When I started wrestling professionally, I was terrified that  a woman from my past would come forward and do an interview about me being straight.”

Westin went on to say how great it feels to have the weight finally lifted off of his shoulders. “I thought everyone else in the WWE and my fans would think less of me. They couldn’t be more supportive, though.”