Hollywood, CA – While Dwayne Johnson may be the nicest guy in Hollywood, his size still makes it so you wouldn’t want to get in his way. And after a recent accident on the set of Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise,” a PA has found himself in the hospital. Earlier today on the set of Walt Disney Studios, Steven Fisher, an assistant on the upcoming live-action film, had the misfortune of walking by The Rock after the former wrestler lost his balance.

Fisher, who moved to Los Angeles last year after graduating from NYU, has found himself on some pretty cool film projects. The Maine native has worked on the set of ‘Annihilation’ and ‘Black Panther.’ After taking a month off to go home and visit family, Fisher found himself working on the set of Johnson and Emily Blunt’s newest film.

“I’ve had a pretty good string of luck since moving out here,” Fisher told us during a recent interview at UCLA Medical Hospital. “I’ve made some great connections out here and worked on some really big films.” Fisher went on to tell us that Dwayne Johnson has been his hero since he was a child and to work with him has been quite a dream. “What happened was a complete accident and Dwayne has been such nice and apologetic. He doesn’t need to be, but he’s already visited me twice in the hospital and has paid for all of the bills.”

“I feel so bad for what happened,” Johnson told us on the phone earlier today. “Quite the freak accident. I tripped over my own two feet and fell on my buddy. I’m just glad he’s going to make a speedy recovery and I can’t wait for him to come back to set.”