Hollywood, CA – Disney has thrown their creativity out the window when it comes to their films. We’ve seen a new Star Wars movie come out over the past four years. Winnie the Pooh will be returning to the screen on August 3rd in Marc Forster’s Christopher Robin. The official cast for The Lion King has been announced.   A teaser for Tim Burton’s Dumbo recently made the circulation around the internet. And now, the entertainment company has announced a live-action remake of their beloved 1947 cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Although casting is far from set in stone, we do have the first member to join the cast: Jeff Sessions.

The politician and lawyer has made quite a name for himself over the last two years as Trump appointed him the 84th and current Attorney General of the United States. Like everyone else in the Trump administration, the Alabama native has been accused of lying under oath, making racist comments and apposing gay marriage.

It should come as a surprise that Sessions will be showing up in a children’s film, but it seems he wants to be a star just like his boss.

Rumors have it that Danna Davito, Tom Cruise and Seth Green could be signing on to play three of the other dwarves. The film is set to hit theaters Christmas of 2020.