Houston, TX – First there was Ken Griffey Sr. The Pennsylvania native played in the Major Leagues for almost two decades. The three-time All Star played the majority of his career for the Braves and the Yankees and even went on to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for the former team.

For the last two years of his time spent in the MLB, Griffey even played against and alongside his son Ken Griffey Jr. His son went on to also play for the Seattle Mariners both starting his professional career with them and ending it with them. You could say that athleticism runs in the family, not only because of the successful careers that the father and son had, but the grandson of the family is also an NFL player. In January of this year, Trey Griffin, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Stealers. Unfortunately, Griffin Jr. did have a son who somehow got none of the athleticism that runs in the family.

Ken Griffin III was never good at sports. The twenty-six year old studied Accounting at NYU and moved to Houston upon graduation to work for one of the top financial investors in the country. Griffin III joined a local baseball intramural league in town and while his teammates were happy to have him, he quickly disappointed his whole team.

Griffin III has either struck out or ground out every time at bat. Not only are his times at bat less than satisfactory, buy his fielding is not very strong either. His team, Gary Boozy, has not one a game yet this season. Although intramural sports are all about fun, the team is comprised of a lot of Griffin III’s colleagues and roommates which make the time off of the field also awkward.