North Korea – Lucy and Ethel. Thelma and Louise. Romy and Michelle. These are some of the greatest friendships we have seen over the last two centuries. One of the more recent ones, however, is the one of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Over the past few years, Jong-Un and Rodman have developed quite the relationship. While political leaders and journalists have found it nearly impossible to find their way into the East Asian country, the two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award player keeps returning to visit his good friend.

Starting in 2013, Rodman has developed quite the relationship with the controversial leader. And now, the two have announced they are teaming up for a movie. The unlikely duo have already started filming a remake of one of the greatest sports movies ever made: Space Jam.

While there has been speculation that Lebron James would be starring in a sequel to the classic 1996 Looney Tunes film, it seems we will be getting the remake sooner, as the Rodman remake has a release date for Christmas time.

“We’ve been talking about this film since the first time we met,” Rodman told us. “The original film was one of the first things that we bonded over. We actually started filming it at the end of last year, but we have kept it under wraps.” The New Jersey native went on to tell us that the film is now in post-production. It was shot entirely in Jong-Un’s country and will be soundtracked by none other than Psy.

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have all put in bids for streaming access to the upcoming film.