Boston, MA – Whenever you made a face as a child, your parents woulds always say to you, “You better watch out or you’ll get stuck with that face forever.” For comedian Joseph Michaels, that happened with a recent impression that he uses on stage.

Michaels has been doing stand up around the New England area for about three years now. One of his most notable and favorite impressions he does includes one of the famous actor, Christopher Walken. At a recent show in the Seaport District, Michaels was preparing his set in the green room off stage. As he was practicing his impression, a friend came into the room and patted him on the back to wish him luck. As Michaels tried to introduce himself on stage and lead into his first joke he found he couldn’t get out of his impression.

“It actually went over better than I thought it would,” Michaels told us later that night. “Everyone in the audience just thought it was part of the set. However, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to carry on with it. My girlfriend and friends are already starting to get annoyed.”