Menlo Park, CA – In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, a sophomore at Harvard University, started to put together a website in his dorm room. It started out as a rating website, like Hot or Not, but eventually became the most popular social media website and the second most visited website in the world.

At the beginning of February, the social networking site celebrated its first decade online. This month has been filled with celebrations at its different headquarters and it has also been a month full of new additions added to the website.

Zuckerberg recently stated in an interview that he didn’t create the website to stay connected with people or make new friends, but he created the website so he could pretend to remember the birthdays of his loved ones.

“Honestly, I have a terrible memory,” Zuckerberg told us. “I always forgot to get presents and cards for everyones’ birthdays. Even worse than that, I didn’t even remember to wish them a happy birthday. So, I decided I’d start a website where I could stay connected with my friends and family, they could put their birthdays on their profiles, and I could always pretend I remembered. I had no idea the website would turn into what it did.”